Merit Badge Counselor List

This is a list of the Merit Badge councelors within our troop. Please utilize the resources we have within our Troop.

American Business– James D.

American Heritage– James D.

Citizenship in the Community– Brian B.

Citizenship in the Nation– Brian B., James D.

Citizenship in the World– Brian B.

Coin Collecting– Doug C.

Cycling– James D.

Electricity– Doug C.

Emergency Preparedness– Brad S.

Engineering– Gene L.

Entrepreneurship– Doug C.

Family Life– Brian B., Gene L., Brad S.

Golf– James D.

Hiking– Brad S.

Home Repairs– Gene L.

Life Saving– Brad S.

Metalwork– Doug C.

Personal Fitness– Gene L.

Personal Management– Brian B., Gene L., Brad S.

Plumbing– Doug C., Michael Y.

Reading– James D.

Scholarship– Gene L.

Signaling (2010 Historical)- Michael Y.

Swimming– Brad S.

Welding– Doug C., James D.

Woodwork– Doug C., Gene L.